"we view the report as excellent value´┐Ż delivered well within the agreed time and with comments and findings which we believe have helped everyone to focus on the pertinent issues...."
Colin Lawler - Director Acquisition Finance - ING Bank N.V. London


Our services are provided through three simple phases:




- identifying key factors which inhibit your organisation's performance


understanding your customers' true perceptions


- determining what will improve your performance


initially quick wins
  then getting the longer term strategy right!


- making things happen for you


Our services encompass the business functions:


  Market - Customer - Competition
  Proposition - Business Model
  Merchandise Management - Supplier Relations - Product Ranging - Price Positioning
  Sales Process - Sales Management
  Operational Capability & Capacity
  KPI Management - Transactional Gearing & Transparency
  Working Capital Ratios
  Information Supply - Business Intelligence
  IT Systems Effectiveness - Systems Lockdown - Scalability


We will scope your assignment in detail, covering:-


  What services will be provided
  Who will provide them
  What the key outputs will be
  On what timescale will assignment be delivered
  What cost will be charged
  And for complete clarity what will not be included
  What we require from you



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