"As the founder of the Keydata/SLS/LSC investor action group, Tony has been the driving force force in getting KSLIT, the 270m Euro legal action, off the ground. His energy, attitude and attention to detail make him a pleasure to work with. I would recommend his services to anybody wishing to get things done!" Michael Green � Partner - Enyo Law LLP

Informer from Step Solutions





Step Solutions Informer is a regular publication of concise, usually just one page, insight into the consumer sector and news about the work we do. Drawn from our uniquely informed position of knowledge about the sector, as:-

  • Operator - with extensive career experience

  • Researcher – through Customer Heartbeat, our research division, we speak to thousands of consumers each year

  • Analyst – producing Consumer Indicators each month in conjunction with Zolfo Cooper

Informer menu
1001 - If UK retail were a factory, it would go on short time... or close a production unit!
1002 - If your sales team spoke to the right customer, about the right thing, at the right time... imagine what might happen!
1003 - Look beyond the blind spot; to true customer perceptions of your business proposition and reveal what customers truly think!
1004 - Step Solutions introduces “Data Lockdown” for Insolvency Practitioners