"Step's strong combination of retail industry knowledge and project management skills has been apparent throughout... a major influence in ensuring that the system implementation was successfully completed on time and within budget."
Ben Thomas - Finance Director Tiso - The Outdoor Specialists

Our team of specialists is drawn entirely from consumer sector operational backgrounds. We possess extensive hands-on corporate experience, gained initially through careers in the UK, Europe, USA and Far East, supplemented with over a decade of turnaround assignments.


We approach each client assignment with a well-informed understanding of the consumer and customer attitudes, closely following market trends in our monthly publication, 'Consumer Indicators' and gaining invaluable customer insight through our research arm, Customer Heartbeat.


We have learnt that good interaction with management is essential to success. We don't carry unnecessary overheads and hence can operate on an appropriate cost effective basis.


From the experience gained in the many assignments we have undertaken, we have learnt to give emphasis to these key outcomes:-


Accurate management data, underpinning projections and sensitised outcomes
Tight control of costs and creditor/debtor ratios
Conserving cash, thereby easing working capital requirements
Feeding strategic planning with customer centric intelligence based on true customer perceptions


We take pride in adding value, at reasonable cost through advisory, hands-on or joint venture roles.